The BSI Institute 

The greatest business success can be achieved only when employees are fully engaged in the business and contribute to their greatest ability. We believe this can only be accomplished if they are well trained and have a complete understanding of their work and how it contributes to the overall success of the business. At BSI, it is our overriding mission and goal to improve our client's business through world-class training solutions that keep employees highly effective and engaged in completing their job responsibilities.

Most all companies will agree that a well trained employee and workforce is critical to ensure strong business results. However, many of these same companies cannot afford to retain training staffs and ensure continued training needs are met. The BSI Institute can fill that gap for your business.

The BSI Institute is comprised of certified trainers and programs developed in conjunction with our broad network of partners to provide the most innovative, efficient and effective ways to train today's workforce. In addition, our training offerings are designed and created to contain critical elements of the subject matter while also containing a level of flexibility which insures the course can easily be tailored to the specific needs of the individual client's business.

It is a proven fact that employee training is only effective when the knowledge gained is reinforced and applied to individual work performance. As a result, the employee's knowledge, skills and abilities are increased which can increase their value contribution “ not only in their specific position, but also in the success of the company. The BSI Institute is a true believer and advocate for reinforcing employee training. Our commitment to both your company and its employees does not end when we all leave the classroom. Direct follow-up after the training event can be scheduled that will enhance and reinforce the employee's ability to put their knowledge into action and increase their ability to have a positive impact on business results and success.

Call the BSI Institute today if your company is searching for ways to improve employee efficiency, effectiveness and performance. We can customize a training program to assist your company in elevating employee performance that directly contributes to your company's success.

Our Approach

For greatest effectiveness, training should not simply be a classroom event. Additionally, training is not such that one size fits all. These two factors form the basis of BSI Institute's approach to employee training.

Our mission is to offer quality training which results in high ROI through applied learning utilizing a unique blended learning model which includes personal mastery of skills and employee accountability for skill application.

BSI Institute Process for delivering education to your corporation:

  • Initial assessment of needs: through dialogue with management staff, we will    ensure we have a complete understanding of your training needs and tailor our delivery for your specific needs

  • Delivery of training: our education facilitators are experienced in understanding participant knowledge level, and will tailor delivery to maximize knowledge transfer

  • Back to work action planning: each participant leaves the classroom with a plan to apply learnings as they return to the workplace

  • Follow-up and coaching: to facilitate putting the knowledge in motion, a follow-up process is utilized which assists participants in applying the skills they gained during the classroom training experience