Voice-Of And Survey Services 

Operating in today's competitive environment proactive measures must be taken to protect and improve the relationship and engagement with critical resources.

InfoQuest®, BSI's proprietary "Voice Of tool, provides candid responses regarding all aspects of your business relations. As important, the BSI/InfoQuest® program provides access to vital information that can alert you to financial and/or operational risks.

The InfoQuest® program's powerful analytical tools and methodology eliminate the flaws and limitations produced by other types of surveys, and the worldwide average InfoQuest® response rate using the unique survey box is greater than 70% and far better than mail-out, hand-out, telephone or online surveys.  With more than 140,000 surveys delivered in 104 countries using 25 languages and a database of 5 million responses, InfoQuest® is the premier Customer, Supplier, Employee and Member Satisfaction and Engagement Survey Process.

The BSI/InfoQuest® Deliverables

  • Best Response Rate “ Unique Survey Box Or Web-Based
  • Benchmark database for comparative purposes
  • Mitigates Effect Of Patterned Responses
  • Responses By Participant (If Needed)
  • Survey Box Is Engaging & Fun
  • Not Intrusive To Participant
  • Avoids Cassandra Effect
  • BSI/InfoQuest® Workshop To Target Immediate Improvement Opportunities

For other information and sample reports visit the White Papers, Case Studies & Sample Reports page.

Partial List of Clients

Abram Pulman Steels (UK)
Acorn Group
ADAC Plastics, Inc.
ADE Corporation
Aggreko UK Ltd.
Aggreko, LLC
Agros Fortuna Sp. Z O.O. (Poland)
Ahlstrom Corporation
Airedale International Air Conditioning, Ltd. (UK)
Air International Transport
Albion Chemicals Group (UK)
Allegro MicroSystems
Allied Office Interiors, Inc.
Alpena Power Company
Altai Group, Ltd. (UK)
American City Business Journal
American Eagle Federal Credit Union
American Express Tax & Business Services
American Subcontractors Association, Inc.
A & M Electric Tools (Finland)
Ames Color-File
Amgraph Packaging, Inc.
Amper, Politziner & Mattia, PC
Anderson Development Company
Andritz Fiedler GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Anite Telecoms Ltd. (UK)
AOAC International
Apogee Designs Ltd.
Ascom Hasler Mailing Systems
Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.
Atlas-Copco Berema, Inc.
Atlas-Copco Construction Tools Canada
Atlas-Copco Power Tools (Germany/Sweden/Norway)
Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association
Axsys Technologies Precision Machined Products
Barden Corporation
Barrowman Jackson Stephen Ltd. (UK)
Barry-Wehmiller Design Group
Bead Industries, Inc.
Beers & Cutler Business Advisors & CPA's
Bemis Company
Berger Lahr GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Bespak, Inc.
BizActions, LLC
Blum Shapiro
Bridgeport Fittings, Inc.
Burgess Lighting & Distributing
Business Intelligence (UK)
C&M Corporation
Cableform Ltd. (UK)
Caparo Merchant Bar (UK)
Card Protection Plan, Ltd. (UK)
Cardinal Roofing Company
Carter & Burgess, Inc.
Chandler Ehrlich Advertising
Chandler Evans, Control Systems Division
Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, LLP
Cherry Semiconductor, Inc.
Claas Saulgau, GmbH (Germany)
Cohen & Co.
Columbian Chemicals Co.
Commercial Metals Company
Computer Solutions & Finance Group, Plc (UK)
Condor Technology Solutions, Inc.
Conn-Step, Inc.
CP Desoutter (Germany/ UK/ Italy)
CP Georges Renault (France)
Crews, Inc.
Custom Extrusion, Inc.
Dako/Cytomation (Denmark)
Danka Australia Pty. Ltd.
Dendrite International (UK)
Detroit Metropolitan Bar Association
Dexter Corp. - Nonwoven Materials
Digital Equipment Corporation
Dortec Industries
Down, Inc.
Dr. R. Craig Diederich, DDS, MS, PLLC
Dugan & Lopatka CPAs PC
Dun & Bradstreet
Elyo UK Ltd.
EMW Law (UK)
Excelda Manufacturing
First American Financial Bancorp
First Choice - CTI (UK)
Fischer Lime & Cement Co.
Fiske Food Ltd. (UK)
Fl Smidth A/S (Denmark)
Fletcher Paper Company
Flint Ink Corporation
Flowserve (UK, France, Germany)
Freed Maxick ABL Services, Inc.
Fulmar, plc. (UK)
Future Enterprises, Inc.
Gamse Lithographing Co., Inc.
Genesis Health Ventures, Inc.
Gunther International, Ltd.
Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP
Harlequin Mills & Boon (UK)
Haslam Homes, Ltd.
Hasler, Inc.
Hellermann Tyton (UK)
HenDi Systems, Ltd. (UK)
Henninger Media Services, Inc.
Hobson & Motzer, Inc.
Holliday Dispersions Ltd. (UK)
Holset Turbochargers (UK)
Hubbard Bert Karle Weber, Inc.
Hunt Corporation
Hunt Graphics America (Seal Products)
Hutchison Ports UK Ltd - Port of Felixstowe
Hydro Aluminum North America
IBT Bancorp
IGC Advanced Superconductors

Instron Corporation
International Bureau Of Aviation (UK)
International Lift Equipment (UK)
Intier Automotive Closures
Invensys Foxboro GB Ltd (UK)
Iseli Company
J.M. Ney Company
Jackdaw Polymers (British Vita) (UK)
JCB Ltd. - Excavator Division (UK)
JGP Perrite (UK)
Kahn Paper Company
Kalamazoo Regional Chamber Of Commerce
Karl Küfner KG (Germany)
Karlen Manufacturing, Inc.
Katz, Sapper & Miller LLP
Kemper CPA Group
Kerby Bailey & Associates
Kestrel Building Products (UK)
Key Plastics
Lisa Lee Creations
Magline, Inc.
Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.
Manitowoc Crane Group
Manugistics, Inc.
Maxwell Optical Industries Pty Ltd. (Australia)
McGeoch Technologies, Ltd. (UK)
McLeod & Company
Michigan Nonprofit Association
MicroTouch Systems, Inc.
Mila Hardware (UK) Ltd.
Miyago Co., Ltd (Japan)
Mobile Innovation Ltd. (UK)
Murray Corporation
Neighborcare Pharmacies, Inc.
Netcom Group
Newcomb Spring Corp.
North American Bus Industries
Notions Marketing Corporation
Noveon, Inc.
Pacific Business News
Parente Randolph, PC
Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Pleune Service Company
PolyPhaser Corporation
Putnam Precision Molding
Quality Demonstration Services, Inc.
Rachlin Cohen & Holtz, LLP
R.J. Marshall Company
Razorback Concrete Company
RCO Engineering
Reflexite Films Division
Reflexite North America
Renault Polska Sp. Z O.O. (Poland)
Republic Foil, Inc.
Reynolds, Bone & Griesbeck, PLC
Rice Daubney Architectural (Australia)
RLA Polymers (Australia)
Robert Horne Group, PLC (UK)
Romeo R.I.M. (Reaction Injection Molding)
RWE Schott Solar (Germany)
Saginaw County Chamber Of Commerce
Satellite Paging of New Jersey
Schaffner, Knight, Minnaugh & Co.
Schenck Business Solutions
Schöck Bauteile GmbH (Germany)
Schupan Aluminum Sales
Silvergate Plastics (UK)
SMI Steel Alabama
Smokey Glen Farm Barbequers, Inc.
Solvay Interox Pty Ltd. (Australia)
Speidel Construction, Inc.
SPX Fluid Power (UK)
Sumitomo Drive Technologies (Australia)
System Software Alternatives (UK)
Technology Marketing Corporation
Tenax Corporation
The Gautreau Group, LLC
The Masonry Institute
The Rehmann Group
The Sherwin Williams Company
Times Microwave Systems
Toray Textiles Europe Ltd. (UK)
Transport Research Laboratory, Ltd. (UK)
Transwitch Corporation
Travelex, plc.
Tullius, Taylor, Sartain & Sartain
Ulbrich Stainless Steel And Special Metals
Universal Uniforms, Inc.
Valeo Service (UK) Ltd.
Vita Thermoplastic Compounds (British Vita) (UK)
Vitafibres (British Vita) (UK)
Vitale Caturano & Company
Vitamol (British Vita) (UK)
Visions In Print (UK)
VTS Doeflex (British Vita) (UK)
VTS Plastech (British Vita) (UK)
Wang Laboratories, Inc.
Warrington Fire Research, Ltd. (UK)
Weaver & Tidwell, LLP
Western Concrete Products Co.
Whittlesey & Hadley, PC
William's Distributing
Windemuller Electric, Inc.
Window Ware (UK)
Woodhouse (UK) Plc
Wyeth Pharmaceutical Australia Pty Ltd.
Xerox Corporation
Xerox Engineering Systems
Yarde Metals, Inc.
York Precision Plastics Pty Ltd. (Australia)
Yoshino Sekko, Ltd (Japan)
Zurich Commercial Insurance (UK)


Customer Feedback

Customers are your company's most valuable asset.  In today's fiercely competitive marketplace, a consistently high level of customer satisfaction is crucial to developing and retaining customers and growing your business.  The first step is to gain a thorough and accurate understanding of what your customers specifically want, need and expect from you and your business.  

As a leader in guiding organizations through value chain optimization, Business Synergetics International offers the ultimate solution for getting to the core of your customers' likes and dislikes - the InfoQuest® Business Process Review.

InfoQuest® is a unique survey-driven Business Process Review that measures, analyzes and utilizes customer satisfaction as a strategic development tool.  The premise of the program is the proven fact that customer complaints are often not openly voiced.  The most common manifestation of that reality is the long-standing customer who one day takes their business elsewhere - usually with little warning or explanation.  With InfoQuest®, such business losses can now be avoided.

Some of the advantages that InfoQuest® offers over many other customer assessment programs include:

A Unique Approach that avoids the weaknesses and flaws of paper, telephone or web based surveys.

High Participation and Response Rates eliminate the effects of "far end of the spectrum" responders and allow you to focus on the accounts that drive the revenues of your business.

Pre-Validation of Customers generates interest in the process and establishes a basis  for "closed-loop' communication on the back end.

Actionable Questions in 8-12 performance areas provide an in-depth understanding of customer needs and give you the tools needed to produce change.  All questions are fully customizable.

Perceptions of Anonymity produce candid responses.  Allowing customers to comfortably "tell it like it is" generates results that are far more accurate than other survey  methods.

Additional Written Comments from an average of 60% of respondents delivers even further understanding and detail of customer opinions and needs.

Unlike standard paper or telephone-based customer assessment programs with response rates of 5% to 10%, InfoQuest® Business Process Review has an amazing average response rate of over 70%!  With more than 107,000 surveys delivered in 77 countries using 21 languages, InfoQuest® is one of the most sought-after and successful customer assessment programs of all time.

InfoQuest® is more than just a customer satisfaction survey.  It is also a corporate benchmarking sales development tool.  Meeting and exceeding all customer survey and feedback requirements under the ISO and QS quality standards, InfoQuest® is offered as a primary component of any continuous improvement program.  InfoQuest® is arguably the most effective customer relationship building and CRM management tool available anywhere - without all the expensive software.

InfoQuest® Business Process Review is delivered to individuals in a non-intrusive, yet somewhat difficult to ignore box.  Due to its size, it gets past "gate-keepers" to the intended recipient, and doesn't get lost on the desk of survey-weary respondents once delivered.

Due to the "game-like" nature of the InfoQuest® survey, respondents enjoy participating.  Questions are randomly posed on individual cards and participants sort them one at a time into well defined drawers, thus eliminating "score-keeping" and patterned responses that skew the results of other types of surveys.  Our unique "Q&A" device is viewed as high value, so it gets attention - and results!

The InfoQuest® Survey Box may be the most unique and effective data collection method in the world, but we don't stop there.  The true value of any survey lies in what it produces, and what the client can do with the results.  Toward that end, we personally deliver every InfoQuest® survey with a comprehensive report and our briefing that contains the following elements:

  • Executive Summary
  • Summary of Aggregate Customer Opinions
  • Problem Identification
  • Individual Customer Responses
  • Customers' Written Comments

And dependant upon the program selected:

  • Management Survey Results
  • ProfitMaxSM Strategic Profile

If you are looking to sell more to your existing customers, reduce customer turnover, develop a partnering mentality between you and your customers, benchmark different divisions within your organization, encourage continuous improvement or simply install a recognized best practice, InfoQuest® Business Process Review from BSI is what you've been looking for.