Professional Placement and Staffing Services 

BSI Professional Staffing, a subsidiary of Business Synergetics International, is comprised of a group of dedicated placement and staffing specialists who adhere to the same high standards of quality and level of systems skills as those of our parent company.

Our goal is to fully understand and address the specific needs and concerns of our clients in order to place the most qualified, reliable people for each assignment.  We view the people we place in interim assignments or in full-time executive positions as the product of our business.  As such, they are carefully screened for the utmost in reliability, experience and appropriate skill sets.

BSI uses the highest quality methodologies available to ensure timely responses to your unique staffing and placement requirements.  Our technology is the best in the industry for matching client needs with available resources and for uncovering exceptionally qualified candidates for management or executive level positions.  This allows you to focus on your business by utilizing what we do best “ finding and placing the very best people.

The result is that your company and our Associates enjoy consistently high quality results.

Executive Level Placement

BSI Professional Staffing is highly experienced at recruiting top-level management and executives with exceptional backgrounds and remarkable success records.  As a part of BSI's Business Consultancy services, BSI Professional Staffing understands the importance of finding and recruiting experienced individuals who are able to assume the responsibilities of the position and accomplish specific tasks and goals in the manner defined by the client.

BSI Professional Staffing utilizes a full array of recruiting, interviewing and screening services to fill top-level and executive management positions.  Our executive level placement services include:

  • Senior "C" Level Placements
  • Mid-Level Management Placements
  • Technical Contractor Placements
  • Technical Contractor Management
  • Complete Site Management and Third Party Providers for factories, warehouses, call centers and more