Business Advisory & Implementation 

BSI's Business Advisory and Implementation services are focused on guiding organizations through value chain optimization and are comprised of two key areas of expertise that go hand-in-hand:  the Advisory or Strategic Planning phase, and the Business Excellence Implementation phase.

The first phase, Strategic Planning, involves assessing a client's current operations, defining the client's specifics needs and planning the appropriate strategies to dramatically improve the client's value chain performance.  In the second phase, Business Excellence Implementation, BSI's Experts take a hands-on approach to implementing the agreed upon plan and its strategies, ensuring that optimal results are achieved. 

Together the Strategic Planning and Business Excellence Implementation phases provide a complete solution for dramatically improving value chain performance.

Benefits & Results

BSI's Business Advisory and Implementation Expertise services are different from a typical "management consulting" effort in that we use only highly experienced executives who have been in your shoes and who are trained and screened to implement structural changes that will "stick."  These executives have made the tough changes necessary for success in businesses such as yours.  Rather than academics or fresh-faced MBAs with all the knowledge of recently written business acumen, but no practical experience, our Experts are all successful implementers who bring business effectiveness skills of the first order to YOUR unique business challenges and opportunities.

As part of the development of strategies that dramatically improve value chain performance, our Experts specialize in compressing the cash-to-cash cycle.  This benefit alone can prove to be a huge advantage to companies who are experiencing limited or constrained cash flow issues.

In addition, BSI's Business Advisory and Implementation Expertise services deliver many improved operational and financial benefits, including:

  • Connection, compression and control of Value Chains from product development to distribution.  BSI's programs improve the bottom-line by…
    • increasing design productivity
    • reducing time to market
    • increasing revenue and market share
    • reducing labor cost
    • reducing machine down time
    • improving order lead times
    • reducing inventory
    • reducing overall costs
    • improving corporate agility and more
  • Management of simple and uncomplicated applied process change which helps to ensure success and reduce the risks that are common to unnecessary complexity.
  • Achievement of quick savings backed up with long-term, strategic improvements.
  • The introduction and instillation of new knowledge and disciplines within the organization designed to breed and sustain corporate success and growth.
  • Implementation of proven methodologies and technologies by highly experienced professionals that deliver significantly more to the bottom line than what was originally invested.