Business Advisory & Implementation 

BSI's Business Advisory and Implementation services are focused on guiding organizations through value chain optimization and are comprised of two key areas of expertise that go hand-in-hand:  the Advisory or Strategic Planning phase, and the Business Excellence Implementation phase.

The first phase, Strategic Planning, involves assessing a client's current operations, defining the client's specifics needs and planning the appropriate strategies to dramatically improve the client's value chain performance.  In the second phase, Business Excellence Implementation, BSI's Experts take a hands-on approach to implementing the agreed upon plan and its strategies, ensuring that optimal results are achieved. 

Together the Strategic Planning and Business Excellence Implementation phases provide a complete solution for dramatically improving value chain performance.

Business Excellence

Throughout the Business Excellence Implementation phase, BSI's Experts work closely with management to make certain that the appropriate strategies and programs are put into place, timelines are adhered to, and progress is regularly reported.

The sharing and transferring of knowledge within an enterprise to where it will yield the highest return is part of the BSI Process and is one reason BSI has an exceptional success rate in guiding organizations through value chain optimization.  In the Implementation phase, various training programs, proven strategies and lean methodologies are overseen and executed by BSI's Experts based upon the plans put into place in the Strategic Planning process.

The Partnership Performance Agreement

Once the Strategic Planning phase has been completed, BSI's Experts begin the implementation phase with the development and signing of Partnership Performance Agreements (PPA).  As part of the Strategic Planning process, front line and middle management is involved in developing improvement strategies within their departments and formulating these PPAs.  This involvement is critical to gaining both their acceptance and commitment toward ensuring optimal success of the change process.  PPAs are used to help guide resource allocation, accountability and commitment, thus assuring team understanding and involvement.

The Roadmap to Value Chain Optimization

Value Chain Optimization implies ongoing feedback in a continuously improving process.  BSI achieves this with process auditing at each step along the way.  Along with using this as a continuous improvement methodology inside our engagements, we also provide auditing services for clients to ensure that projects currently underway are yielding expected results.

Although similarities occur, the Roadmap to Value Chain Optimization is unique to each business organization.  BSI's team of Experts is diverse in areas of expertise; as a result, BSI's clients are able to take advantage of a wide range of highly skilled training and optimization services.

Operational Excellence

BSI's Operational Excellence services provide the implementation and management of proven lean methodologies and training programs that unveil internal synergies across the value chain and drive not only the enhancement, but complete optimization of business performance within an enterprise.  Such programs include:  

  • Lean Sigma - Planning, training, implementation, accountability matrix
  • Sensei & Black Belt Training
  • Continuous Improvement Management Methods
  • Kaizen Training and Launch
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Process and Continuous Improvement Audits
  • Total Quality Management Systems and Training
  • Human Resource Systems and Documentation

Supply Chain Optimization

Connect, compress and control.  From product development to distribution, BSI's Supply Chain Optimization services ensure that time and money are spent wisely throughout the supply chain process with such programs as:

  • Lean SCO
  • Auditing Services
  • Transportation and Logistics Optimization
  • Warehouse Locations and Lean Implementation

Global Facility Site Location and Relocation

Whether you are opening a new facility in the next town or relocating to the other side of the globe, BSI offers a full array of consultation and management services related to Global Facility Site Location and Relocation.  BSI's Experts are experienced at providing the best in Program Management and Facility Move Management.

Financial Consulting

As part of BSI's advisory and implementation services, roadmaps for operational and financial improvements are followed which take aim at making a positive impact directly to the P&L.

BSI's Experts are able to help an organization improve cash flow and achieve quick savings to meet immediate needs backed up with long-term strategic operational and financial improvements.

In addition to these Financial Consulting services, BSI offers Financial Turnaround and Bankruptcy Services as well as Debt and Equity Financing Consultation.