Business Advisory & Implementation 

BSI's Business Advisory and Implementation services are focused on guiding organizations through value chain optimization and are comprised of two key areas of expertise that go hand-in-hand:  the Advisory or Strategic Planning phase, and the Business Excellence Implementation phase.

The first phase, Strategic Planning, involves assessing a client's current operations, defining the client's specifics needs and planning the appropriate strategies to dramatically improve the client's value chain performance.  In the second phase, Business Excellence Implementation, BSI's Experts take a hands-on approach to implementing the agreed upon plan and its strategies, ensuring that optimal results are achieved. 

Together the Strategic Planning and Business Excellence Implementation phases provide a complete solution for dramatically improving value chain performance.

Strategic Planning

In the Strategic Planning phase, BSI's Experts begin the assessment process by thoroughly evaluating the client's business in an integrated and holistic fashion.  We look at all aspects  of the value chain, from product development to distribution.  This evaluation process may include obtaining feedback from the client's customers through our InfoQuest® Business Process Review.  Simultaneously, we conduct a Business Performance Assessment.

The Business Performance Assessment

The Business Performance Assessment (BPA) is a quantitative and qualitative review of the client's business, which may include cash flow, operations effectiveness, customer relationships, quality management, technology management, overhead/burden ratios, financial controls, productivity, material costs, material flow, sales and marketing, and internal procedures and reporting. The BPA will uncover...
  • Profit Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Break-Even Point
  • Key Operating Ratios
  • Quality Systems Status
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Cost Control Effectiveness
The BPA, when combined with the results from InfoQuest®, helps BSI's Experts develop a customized blueprint for achieving value chain optimization specific to the client.  The blueprint may include...  
  • Strategy Maps
  • Product Planning Maps
  • Accountability Methodology
  • Performance Metrics
  • Value Stream Maps
  • Supply Chain Model