Healthcare Synergetics

 BSI's Healthcare Synergetics provides clients in the healthcare industry with a variety of programs and services including:

¢ Continuous Improvement Training
¢ Online Six Sigma Training
¢ Value Chain Optimization

Training and Value Chain Optimization services offered by Healthcare Synergetics are designed to improve a wide range of healthcare oriented businesses “ service providers, manufacturers and distributors.
Healthcare Synergetics is composed of former "C level executives as well as subject matter experts with extensive backgrounds in the healthcare industry.

Using BSI's propriety tools and approach, Healthcare Synergetics strives to reduce the cost and improve the quality of healthcare throughout the U.S.

As part of the "total solution, Healthcare Synergetics offers a powerful online training program unlike any other available today. This computer based program specifically addresses the unique requirements needed in order for healthcare providers to effectively apply highly successful and sought-after Six Sigma techniques in a medical environment.

Designed in conjunction with a team of healthcare professionals, physicians, nurses and others from within the healthcare industry, Healthcare Synergetics' online training program goes far beyond any other program of its kind to successfully tie the learning and application of Six Sigma techniques to the specific demands of the healthcare industry.

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