Supplier & Vendor Engagement

For most companies, improving and creating closer supplier and vendor relationships will create benefit in both operations as well as customer service.  Supplier relationships can be a source of competitive advantage since suppliers are critical to servicing your customer and, thus, your company's success.

  • What suggestions might your suppliers have that will improve your business?
  • How do your suppliers feel about doing business with your company?
  • Is your company a good customer who consistently receives preferential treatment and investment from suppliers and vendors?

Just think about it.  Which customers do you go out of your way for?  Which customers do you prioritize when capacity is tight?  The same way you try to leverage your customer relationships for benefit so can your supplier relationships be leveraged.  In this case you are the customer!

The alternative is to just be another customer to your supplier base who fails to capture the benefits that a world-class supply base can potentially provide to your key customers?

The BSI/InfoQuest® process can provide you key "Voice Of information to help improve supplier and vendor relations and help you manage your supply-chain to drive out costs and improve service to your customers.