Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction surveys have been and continue to be the operating core of our "Voice Of business. From manufacturing to professional services, health care to banking, BSI/InfoQuest® can benefit any company that meets three basic eligibility criteria:

  1. A customer base that can be identified and contacted
  2. A product or service that is consumable, repeatable or relationship driven in nature
  3. Competition

No matter if you are a small regional firm or a global enterprise, BSI/InfoQuest® can help you see your business the same way your customer sees it.

Some BSI/InfoQuest® survey to-date statistics:

  • Surveys conducted in 25 languages
  • Survey have been sent to 104 different countries
  • Participants represent 118 different industries
  • Over 140k surveys have been sent
  • More than 4.9 million responses in the survey database
  • Expected response rate of over 70% with the BSI/InfoQuest® survey box