Business Partner / Outside Representative Satisfaction

In many situations the company may rely on outside resources and third parties for sales, distribution and business development efforts.  For most companies, improving and creating closer relationships with these critical outsider resources will be of significant benefit. 

Improved relationships with your outside dealers, distributors and sales representatives can be a source of competitive advantage since in many cases they are also working for other companies, some of which could be your competition.

  • How do your Business Partners and Outside Representatives feel about doing business with your company?
  • Is your company a good partner who consistently receives priority treatment and investment from these critical resources?

BSI/InfoQuest® surveys have been used to generate "Voice of feedback from Dealers and Distributors, Re-sellers, Sales Representatives, and even Internal Customers. Anyone who sells on your behalf, whether as an independent contractor, a licensee or as part of your company, shares your interest of eliminating any obstacles to sales that stand in their way. Given a vehicle by which they may comfortably and safely express their views, most are only too eager to do so.