What We Do

Business Synergetics International specializes in optimizing the value chain for companies positioned in manufacturing, logistics/distribution (supply chain) and other bsuiness sectors.

For each consulting engagement, we assign a highly experienced team of real-world executives or BSI Experts to the program.  These BSI Experts spend the time necessary to gain in-depth knowledge of our client's business and a clear understanding of their specific issues.  Once we have gained that knowledge, we use it to develop a consulting engagement and services process that is designed to meet our client's individual business requirements.

BSI takes a holistic and synergetic approach to each engagement, applying the knowledge and expertise of our BSI Experts to the people and places within an enterprise where it will yield the highest return.  This successful approach includes working closely with various levels of management and entities within an enterprise in order to best utilize the organization's existing knowledge and expertise, develop a strong sense of involvement by all departments, and drive productive change in a cohesive manner throughout the enterprise.

BSI provides a full range of Process Improvement solutions:

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